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Geothermal is an alternative energy source.
K.C. Service & Installations have the knowledge and expertise to supply and install the right Geothermal system for all of your home and business needs.
What is Geothermal ?
The process uses the natural occurance of heat from the earth. The earths temperature is a constant 15 degrees, and the Geothermal Process uses that energy to heat and cool your home or business. As the energy is derived from the earth, the Geothermal process has benefits for our Environment, as well as the ability to save up to 70% on traditional heating or as much as 40% on your normal cooling costs.
Where can Geothermal heat pumps be used ?
Geothermal Technology has a broad spectrum of effective purposes. It can be used on Homes (both new and existing), Commercial Buildings, Farms for a range of purposes, Swimming Pools, Plus much more.
The Geothermal process can be used to "Heat" or "Cool"
The Heating Process. Geothermal heat pump units are a direct exchange refrigeration system using R410A refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. Refrigerant enters the ground loop coils as a high pressure liquid. The refrigerant passes through an expansion device which causes instant pressure and the temperature of the liquid to drop. The liquid passes through the ground loops, absorbing heat from the surrounding earth, which causes refrigerant to boil off and change state into a vapour form. This vapour is now a useable substance to be recompressed into a high pressure, high temperature vapour by the system’s compressor. The refrigerant is then used to heat your premises via a fan coil unit. Heat is transferred into the air passing over the copper finned coil and then distributed by ducting to heat your home. While this is happening, refrigerant in the copper finned coil is changing state and condensing from a high pressure vapour to a high pressure, low temperature liquid. This liquid is re-directed to the ground coils to begin the cycle over. 
The Cooling Process. In cooling mode the refrigeration cycle is reversed, meaning liquid refrigerant now enters the ducted fan coil unit via a refrigerant expansion device. As high pressure liquid passes through this device it creates a sudden pressure and temperature drop in the refrigerant. The heat from your premises now passes over the copper finned evaporator coil. Heat is absorbed into the refrigerant, creating cooler supply air and a change of state of this refrigerant. The heat absorbed into the refrigerant is now transferred into the ground loops via the systems compressor. Refrigerant passing through the ground loops is now dispensing heat into the earth causing a re-condensing effect in the refrigerant for the cycle to begin over.