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Solar Air Conditioning
K.C. Service & Installations can supply and install Solar Air Conditioning systems. These Solar Air Conditioning systems use the energy from the sun to reduce the energy required to drive the cooling process of an air conditioning system. This process reduces the energy required to run the compressor, which in turn will reduce power consumption costs by as much as 40%


The only real difference you will notice with a Solar Air Conditioning system is that a Thermal Collector (which looks a bit like a solar panel) will be mounted to your roof. The Thermal Collector heats and pressurises the gases working in place of the compressor at every opportunity. On average, electric powered compression is only needed for 2 minutes out of 10, compared to a conventional system where it runs on average 8 minutes out of 10. Do the environment and your wallet a favour, Call K.C. Service & Installations for further information on the benefits of going for a Solar Air Conditioning system for your cooling needs, Today !